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Kevin Mullane, CLU, GBA, GBDS, MBA

Kevin Mullane, CLU, GBA, GBDS, MBA

Founding Partner

Meet Kevin Mullane, one of the co-founding partners of Net Financial Consultants, LLC (Net FC), a financial advisory firm grounded in the fundamental principle of "doing what is right." Committed to delivering optimal design solutions for clients facing financial and risk management challenges, Net FC stands as a beacon of reliability in the industry.

Under Kevin's leadership, NFC has cultivated relationships with a select group of esteemed professionals in insurance, legal, accounting, and finance. This network enables Net FC to offer a diverse range of robust options tailored to address the unique needs of their clients.

Kevin is not only a business leader, but also a sought-after consultant for Family Business, Income Protection, Estate Planning, and Charitable Giving. His expertise and insights have positioned him as a trusted advisor for individuals and families navigating complex financial landscapes.

In the world of finance, where trust and integrity are paramount, Kevin's dedication to the core value of "doing what is right" sets the tone for NFC's client-centric approach. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence, Kevin continues to make a meaningful impact on the financial well-being of those he serves.