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Andrew Cordell, CFP, RICP

Andrew Cordell, CFP, RICP

Business Development Associate

Meet Andrew Cordell, a dedicated Business Development Associate at NFC, who thrives on building strong client relationships. Andrew's passion for connecting with people is matched by his unwavering commitment to client support. He's the type of professional who doesn't hesitate to go the extra mile for others, often putting their needs above his own.

Andrew specializes in the dynamic field of construction, working closely with business owners to understand and address the unique challenges of their industry. His deep insight into the construction world enables him to offer tailored solutions that drive client success.

Beyond his experience in the construction sector, Andrew has developed substantial connections within the medical field. His keen awareness of the needs of medical professionals is largely influenced by his wife, Miranda, who is a physician, as well as her network of colleagues and friends in healthcare. These relationships have provided Andrew with unique insights into the specific financial challenges and goals of healthcare professionals.

His holistic approach to financial consulting, coupled with a friendly and approachable demeanor, truly sets Andrew apart in this niche of financial consulting.